Not to be confused with the constant low flying cloud cover of certain sub-tropical forests, but instead we are a company looking to draw upon the characteristics of cloud computing to open up investment in Forestry.

Trees, forests and woodlands hold a particular lure in people’s imaginations: they are the resting place of tree houses, ambushes and wildlife, alongside providing inspiration and subject of many a poem by William Blake, Rudyard Kipling and Robert Frost to name a few; William Wordsworth, Rumi and John Keats to name a few more. They are also the source of, on average, 55 hospitalisations a year and the subject of an ambitious target by the Scottish Government who are looking to increase woodland by 100,000 ha by the year 2022.

Forestry offers a great deal as an investment opportunity: there are ecological possibilities, as well as an existing UK market for carbon sequestration; in addition the UK is the third largest importer of forest products after China, and Japan, importing just under £10 billion each year.  As a company, we are geared towards empowering these opportunities and benefits to a wider group of people, who are currently excluded from the market.

To do so we are exploring how we can use crowdfunding to open up the market, and create this investment, which if you will excuse the pun, you can watch grow. Literally.

We would love to have your help and support being a part of CloudForest’s growth. Subscribe to our mailing list, to ensure you keep up to date with our perennial growth. Your contributions will form an essential part in the direction of the company and its future.

To mark the creation of our company, with a tree metaphor of our very own, we have planted redwood seeds, which were a present brought back from California almost 20 years ago.  So stay tuned to see how they progress.

Here’s to an exciting future of crowdfunded forests!