Germination success: the CloudForest adventure begins!

Important news first, as evidenced by the photo, we are pleased to announce that the seeds have not rejected their Scottish soil adventure and have started to germinate.

Other important news, we are also pleased to announce that CloudForest is sprouting; we have been awarded funding from Innovate UK, an agency designed to drive science and technology innovations, to conduct a thorough business model design process. This opportunity gives us the space and time to full explore how crowdfunding can be utilised, and delivered, and indeed investigate how and what you, the investor, want crowdfunding to deliver.

As part of this process, we will also be working closely with Cambridge University Centre for Industrial Sustainability. With whom, funnily enough, we will be working with to help design sustainable business opportunities, and how these can be adapted to a crowdfunded business model. As an agency, they have worked with over 200 organisations and we are really looking forward to tapping into their expertise.

As previously mentioned, we want CloudForest to work for the investors, and for them to shape the how, where and why of our investments in forestry. So, as part of this place, watch this space for surveys and other activities where you can take part and help shape our future, and of course sign up for our newsletter.