Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to create great forests that people can enjoy.

The world needs more trees. Whether that’s to safeguard biodiversity, restore our planet’s natural carbon sinks or provide sustainable raw materials, the multitude of benefits that forests can provide is clear. In the UK especially, we could be doing a lot more to expand our woodlands and make use of home-grown timber.

CloudForest wants to bring people together, using crowdfunding to help anyone and everyone get involved with, and benefit from, productive forestry.

Our business is looking to drive innovation in the forestry sector by opening the door to small-scale investors who have traditionally struggled to take part in this industry. By bringing in new people and incorporating new ideas we look to demonstrate new ways of doing forestry and embrace, rather than resent, the long-term nature of these investments.

As a society, we need to reshape our economies to operate within the boundaries of our planetary system. Endless extraction and endless growth are not possible and there is an increasing awareness that businesses need to broaden their aims; to start generating social and environmental value in addition to financial return.

As talk of a new ‘bioeconomy’ is coming into the mainstream, with a diverse array of plant-based products poised to replace the ubiquity of petroleum-based plastics in our world, there has never been a more exciting, or necessary, time to be involved in forestry.