CloudForest develops crowdfunded forestry projects so that individuals can invest to create sustainable productive timber forests they can visit and enjoy.

We are driven by a love of landscapes, and by an ambition to create forests that deliver a wide range of benefits for both the environment and society. Timber is a hugely important resource and CloudForest will take a long-term approach to forest design and management to grow high quality timber in ecologically robust forests.


First forays into putting down roots.

We are further extending the tendrils of our company, and have been accepted into the exciting Climate-Kic accelerator at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI). The ECCI brings practitioners from business, finance and public sector together to help cultivate and nurture ideas into being to create a better future. This opportunity will help provide …

Germination success: the CloudForest adventure begins!

Important news first, as evidenced by the photo, we are pleased to announce that the seeds have not rejected their Scottish soil adventure and have started to germinate. Other important news, we are also pleased to announce that CloudForest is sprouting; we have been awarded funding from Innovate UK, an agency designed to drive science …


Not to be confused with the constant low flying cloud cover of certain sub-tropical forests, but instead we are a company looking to draw upon the characteristics of cloud computing to open up investment in Forestry. Trees, forests and woodlands hold a particular lure in people‚Äôs imaginations: they are the resting place of tree houses, …


Join us as we build CloudForest and help us create a company that works for you.