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Homewood bound?

Challenges along the UK's small-scale timber supply chain from forest to construction.

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A thriving network of local forestry and timber businesses is fundamental to the health of UK woodlands.

Woodlands provide important habitats, store carbon, and play an important role in providing timber for building and retrofitting healthy, low-carbon homes. Effective management of these woodlands is important to ensure they are resilient to climate change, disease and pests.

We need our woodlands and, right now, they need us.

CloudForest is working to connect and support the brilliant forestry and timber organisations that are already out there working for our woodlands. We want to make it easier for them to find each other and carry out business, and for new businesses to get started. In doing so our platform will bring together a nationwide, resilient supply of timber.

We are starting small, working with organisations to design, test and develop digital tools. From here we will grow and scale local networks of organisations. Networks that make it possible for organisations of any scale to successfully find the resources and information they need.

Ultimately, individuals, organisations, and local businesses will be able to achieve their silvicultural, environmental, and business objectives.

The growth of local forest economies is both crucial and possible.

This is what CloudForest is setting out to do, and the future of our forests is why we're doing it.

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Homewood bound - timber price, supply and demand

30 May 2024

Welcome to our Homewood bound blog series, where we shed light on the intricate challenges faced by the small-scale timber supply chain, from forest to construction. These insights are taken from our report Homewood Bound: Challenges along the UK’s small-scale timber supply chain from forest to construction

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