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About Us

We want to see thriving local forest economies.

We envision networks of fleet-footed, flexible forestry operations that make it possible for small woodlands to be managed effectively.

Woodlands of all scales are managed in a way that encourages forest complexity and resilience.

This management brings a richness of biodiversity, landscape and culture. Nuanced matching of supply and demand allows us to work with timber’s variability, designing for what’s available and to get the most out of each piece of timber.

Very little timber is wasted.

Innovations in construction have broadened the palette of species and products that are desired.

A proliferation of local sawmills and construction factories means that timber does not have to travel far to find a suitable home.

There is more choice: what timber to buy, where to buy it from and who to work with.

This choice has led to more equitable business relations, stronger businesses, and a more resilient supply chain.

Sourcing timber has become a walk in the woods.

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